Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday September 22, 2017 - Bra shopping

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. But I took some time to shop for some additional bras. I only have two 36D bras and I need some more.

I found and bought 2 bras yesterday, while in boy mode. The mode I am in, no longer bothers me when shopping for male or female clothes. Who cares, I will not see these people again. Also people are so busy on their technology to worry about what I am buying.

Only when in girl mode and buying something pretty, will another woman take notice and compliment me. The clerk just wants to sell items. If they make a comment about a "guy" buying a feminine item, I just ignore the comment and pay.

For example, the clerk might say, ".... is this for your wife, I think she will like it." My response is ".... How much is this item again?"

I like this bra because of the color and the pretty butterfly print. The cups have a lower cut which exposes more breasts and would work well with a top/dress that has a lower neckline. This bra cost $3.49 at the thrift store.
This is a pretty feminine bra with the pink bows at the base of the strap. I like the black and pink flower print. The cups provide more coverage. I will wear this under tops/dresses with a higher neckline. This bra cost $4.49 at the same thrift store.

I found a few solid color bras in my size, but I like colorful, pretty and feminine bras. I know I will need a white and black solid color bra, but they need to have lace on them. I have not found one of those yet.

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