Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday September 20, 2017 - The effect of HRT on crosssdressing

Below is an old article (2009) about a Doctor's thoughts on HRT and its impact. I found this article very enlightening because it relates to what is happening to me.

I always thought that once I started HRT, it was my last step toward womanhood and 24/7 presenting. I spent 6 years getting ready by losing weight (keeping it off), electrology (4 years) and feeling comfortable presenting as a feminine boy.

I figured I would become attracted to men and have a boyfriend.

To my surprise, this did not happen. Instead, I found a happiness, and calmness that that came with an elimination of the dysphoria and a need to present female. I still do, but only once in a while.

I now enjoy presenting as a male, for the first time. I wish my Dad was alive to see his wish that his oldest son now enjoys buying male clothes and looking good in a suit jacket with matching shirt and tie. I now own 5 pair on men's shoes. I NEVER owned more that 2 pair at once.

I enjoy my new body and overall look. The drive to buy and wear female clothes is gone and my desire to be a 24/7 woman is not there. I still like to dress and shop. But not nearly as often and the drive is not there. I can know spend more time on my business, which is very busy and moving in a very good direction.

I have wondered, if I stopped HRT, would I return to the dysphoria and anxiety?

This article discusses is issue with two case studies.

Impact of HRT


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