Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tuesday September 5, 2017 - Bra cup sizes

Yesterday, I decided to go bra shopping at a few local thrift stores. I was not successful because of limited supply. Girl, there were so many shoppers in the stores this weekend.

Meanwhile, this may seem obvious but I continued playing around with my bras. Last week, I learned about using the bra straps.

Yesterday, I noticed the important of the width of the bra cup and not just the depth of the cup. I always thought that as the cup size increased, the cup's depth got bigger to handle the increased breast size.

But I noticed that the cup width is important to me for a good fit. I think it depends on each person, whether, the depth is more than the width. Even though the bra band remains the same.

I have significantly increased my bra cup size over the past 15 months.

So I went back and put on a few 36C bras and noticed that the smaller width of the cups created an opening gap between the bra band and my skin at the edges of the cups. The smaller cups can not cover me and causes the bar band to fits off my skin.

Its hard for me to find 36D cup bras at the thrift store. But I need to find bras that have a wider cup or a cup that provides more coverage on the outer edge. This will keep the bra band down against my body. Below is one of my two 36D bras. The cups are much wider and provides me both coverage and much better support.

I am wondering if I can find a 36C bra that have a wider cup and use the bra straps to keep from overflowing the top (muffin top). I am going to shop and see if I can find a few to try on.

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