Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday September 17 - , 2017 - Mood swings on HRT

Today is a down day for me. Its cloudy, overcast and I do not feel very feminine today. My body feels dead. It.s part of a cycle I seem to be go thru. Not like a woman's menstrual cycle but like my dsyphoria cycle during my pre-HRT days.

I use to have strong and weak periods of gender dsyphoria.  My crossdressing desires moved along with my dsyphoria.

Now its more of strong vs weak femininity day. 10 days ago, I wrote a post about that day being a "strong" feminine day, as I presented female. Today is a "weak" feminine day. I feel "blah" and not very attractive.

Part of this mood maybe due to a tremendous amount of work and stress that I am under. Its going to be difficult to post every day, for the next month. I just took on two large assignments with short deadlines.

It's been a few years since I took on this much work at one time. 20 years ago, it was no problem, but now at 61, I will see.

I remember when my Mom would have these days in which she would go out and pamper herself.

I may present more days as a female, in an attempt to reduce the stress level. I may even go to my electrologist for a cleanup appointment. I still need to shave off a few remaining hair whiskers every 7 to 10 days.

Maybe a nice pedicure and shopping might help. Plus I am determined to get back into the gym. Even, if its just a couple of days a week for about 1 hour.

I will keep you posted over the next 30-45 days of this stressful work period.

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