Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday September 28, 2017 - Going Shopping

I have a busy day. But I am going to take out some time to go shopping. I need to upgrade four areas in my wardrobe:

  1. Some new sports bras. My current ones are looking old and tattered. Some of them are stretched and no longer hold me in like they us to. The newer one will provide more support.
  2. Always looking for cute 36D bras
  3. Need a few more tight stretch T-Shirts made by Nike or other sports apparel firms. They help me when presenting as a male.
  4. New panties. My current one are getting old and tattered. I like buying the same type but in different colors that match my bras (both regular and sports).
I will let you know what I find. Next Thursday is my quarterly Dr. appointment.

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