Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday October 30, 2017 - I am changing

It's HRT month 17, and I am changing. I seem to be settling in and its getting hard for me find things to write about. I no longer have that internal drive to dress.

HRT affects everyone differently. For me, it has stopped my dysphoria. My body has adjusted to the meds and the results are very good. Mentally, I like where I am and how I feel.

But it makes it difficult for me to find subject' matter to post because it's not something I think about that much anymore.

I have not purchased any new (or used) woman clothes or shoes in months. I tried to get out and shop for my female wardrobe, but I do not really care.

I just might wear something cute, from my closet because I feel like it. But it's not a driving force.

I can now concentrate more on business and social activities without feeling stressed, upset or envious.

I have learned to not fail too much when presenting as a man. But I really do not care. I feel great and I know I look great. That is what matters.

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  1. Susan -

    You may have hit that sweet spot in your transition.

    I use a diary format for my blog, as I can always write about the mundane AND note the little things that a cisgender male would never think about living (at least) part of a life as a woman. Consider writing something on a weekly basis, as you will notice things from a different angle than a cisgender person, and you will have an insight that will help others.