Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday January 10, 2016 - Tucking in more detail

Saturday evening I posted a short funny cartoon about tucking. If you have ever been in that situation, its not that funny, because it does become uncomfortable. :-}

I currently do not tuck because I wear tops that cover the area. I kind of shift myself and pull back. As a Femboy, I am a feminine male and I try to stay flat, but a temporary budge is OK. I am always checking and if I feel I might see a budge, I will go to my car or find a private place (bathroom or changing room) and adjust myself.

As Susan, I pull back and wear a spandex pair of panties.

I have tucked in the past with tape and placing my testicles up into my body cavity. Both of those solutions can be painful. However with practice, it gets better.

As I said earlier, I use clothes to hide any possible budge that maybe created when my panties do not work.

This post is about tucking. I decided I wanted to have a post which shows some of the options available to us.

There are a variety of options based on our personal physical requirements and how much pain we can tolerate. As a woman, we need to accept a certain amount of pain (or at least being uncomfortable) to be pretty.

1) Rupaul tweeted it best:

2) I like this video explanation:

3) Here is a discussion from a few years ago on a transgender message board.

The Transgender Boards * View topic - Tucking Yourself...

4) Here is a short article about different tucking solutions.

How to Hide or Tuck for Crossdressing Gaffs

5) Finally a solution from reddit

My balls shoot out of their little holes like rockets. How to tuck? * /r/asktransgender

Any suggestions, please add via the comment section. I am sure it would be appreciated by all.

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