Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday April 15, 2016 - My Female Day

In my previous post, I discussed my dream last night. Well all day, I felt so calm and female. This is difficult to express,  but I felt calm and at ease with my femininity. It started this morning. After waking up from my dream, I went into the bathroom to shower and admired my look in the mirror.

Before I started my transition, I use to hate looking in the mirror. I felt fat, out of shape and hairy. Too much maleness.

My new self is so different. My new workout is going well and I am slimming down .I just feel so good and slim, today. I can not wait until the curves develop.

I saw my feminity in the mirror. Its been one week since my last electrology session and my face has very little hair. Its mostly peach fuzz. There is still some hair on my neck, I can not see it, but I can feel it. It feels so good not to have to shave anymore.

My belly button piercing has healed and my ring looks so cute.  I just felt connected with my new slim and hairless body with the smooth face and cute belly ring.

All day I felt so calm and cute, even in guy clothes. I hope this is how I am going to feel once the new hormones kick in.

Today, I feel ready for Phase III (HRT) and that the first two phases were a success.

Below is the outfit I feel like wearing today. Most woman dress so casual. I feel like dressing up a little while out and working. It might be too dressy, but its how I feel today.

A Beautiful Day

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