Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday April 3, 2016 - Bought some makeup

Yesterday's post was about makeup and health. I decided to start cleaning up my makeup "horde". I have alot of different items that I have tried and not used again.

I went to Ulta and traded in the contour kit for a set of nice makeup brushes. The NYX highlight and contour kit was nice, but it had 8 different colors in which my consultant stated I only need to use three of the colors. Also there was aluminium and zinc in it. I had to add $30 to get the brushes, but I need a good set of brushes. I only have three left from the set I bought from Avon in 1992, when I had my first makeover at a Tri Ess meeting. Yes, 24 years ago.

I left Tri-Ess because the Atlanta Olympics were coming and business took off. As a matter of fact, I had to leave little league baseball coaching and "crossdressing".

I also went to CVS. I had two coupons for makeup which allowed me to buy two items for $12 and get a $5 CVS bucks coupon back.

I decided to buy some red lipstick and silver gel eye shadow. I love the dark lipstick I bought at Clinque. But I also like red lipstick and my red lipstck was old and a little too light. I wanted a slightly darker red. Not bright but a more subdued  darker red. I bought Maybelline 630 Red Revolution. I was in boy mode but I put two different colors on my wrist and I liked the 630 color. Then I added a sliver eye shadow (60 Silver Strike). I am looking for a lighter eyeshadow color to place just above my eyeliner. I like that look because it seems to help the eyeliner and mascara stand out. I think the grey will give a slight metallic brightness.

Neither of these items had an ingredient list. But I bought them anyway, just to try the color out. I need to download the app I discussed yesterday, so I can test these items before I buy them. But with the coupons, they are worth a try and I can replacement them with healthier items later.

I was in boy mode yesterday and it did not bother me to shop for makeup. The Ulta consultant discussed brushes with me and keep referring to my wife. I finally told her after the second time, that they were for me. She said "Oh" and kept on talking.

It's those little interactions that are telling me that I am getting comfortable with myself. A couple of years ago, I would have never asked for help nor told the consultant/clerk, that the makeup was for me.

At CVS, the clerk saw the lipstick markings on my wrist while ringing up my sale. We joked and laughed about a few issues because I bought some other items but I rung them up separately. The makeup receipt included $5 in CVS bucks. I used that coupon with another BOGO coupon and a second $5 off coupon to buy the rest of my items. This way I ended up getting 60% off all 8 items I bought.

He said I was the coupon king. I wanted to say coupon queen, but I am not there yet. But I am getting close. (LOL)

The eye shadow gel I bought from CVS.

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