Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday March 23, 2016 - Shoe Shopping

Before my Ulta 2:30 pm makeover, I stopped at Payless Shoes to look at some shoes. It was pretty busy as people were Easter shopping. Many women were buying shoes for their children.

I come to this store quite often. This is the store where the sales clerk stated that they missed see me and were wondering where I had been. That sales clerk was not there on Sunday but the sales clerk working on Sunday use to attend the same gym and we talk often. I have since moved to Planet Fitness, so I do not see her anymore.

Once I entered, she said hello and I returned the salutation while smiling and walking toward my size 12 area. There where two additional ladies shopping the same area. One lady was looking in the opposite rack which were men shoes. Based on her style and shoes, she wears men shoes and clothes. The other lady was looking at both size 11 and 12 woman shoes.

I had a coupon for 25% off and if I found any shoes discounted at $10, I would be interested. I did not find any $10 discount shoes. But I did try on some shoes I liked.

These were some new flats that I have not seen before at Payless. They fit well but were not on sale. I must strictly control my shoe buying or I will end up with 100 pair and never wear most of them.

I like the color and the emblem on the shoe. The dark brown "belt" across the front was a nice added touch that expands the colors that work with this shoe.
 I like this silver wedge. The wedge is not too high and they fit well. I did not buy these because they were not on sale.
I have not seen mules like these in years. I still have a few pair from the late 1970's that I did not purge. I just keep them around for old times sake.

I tried these on. They also had a pair in black. They were nice, but I need to develop some confidence about the size of my feet, in order to wear a pair in public.

I did not have time to try on more as it was getting close to 2:30 pm. The Ulta store is in the same shopping center and I wanted to be there on time.

So I left by 2:25 pm to get over to the Ulta Beauty Store.

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