Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday June 5, 2015 - Payless Shoes

After I left the Beauty Shop, I went next door to Payless Shoes. I wanted to buy those multi-colored flats I tried on last week.

They went so well with my rose leggings, I just had to buy them. The color palette of those shoes will allow me to wear them with some of my other pants, including my white capris.

It was getting hot, so I parked under a tree about 75 yards from the store. It was in the Walmart parking lot.

This was new because I usually park in front of the store so I can get in and out. Now I want to show my confidence by parking where I need to depending on the situation.

However, I am mindful that as a feminine male, I need to be aware of safety concerns. Unlike being in boy mode both woman mode and Femboy mode create a greater safety concern. So, I made sure I found a shaded area that was open.

Once in the store, I was greeted and I returned the hello. I went to the aisle with my shoe size and located the shoe. It was still there. However, it was no longer on sale. I took the shoe to the front and asked the lady if the sale tag was missing. She said that the shoe was not on sale and was probably labeled wrong last week because it is a new shoe.

Darn! I bet I could have gotten that shoe at the sale price last week, even if it was mislabeled. I was disappointed because I did not want to pay $24 for the shoe. I had $16 on my mind and in my budget.

I looked around and found these multi-colored flats and they were on sale for only $10. I tried them on and I liked them. They even showed a little toe cleavage. Lol.

 The shoe's palette included a teal that will work with my teal leggings I bought last winter but have not worn yet.

I went to the counter to buy these shoes and the sales clerk asked if I wanted to buy some ankle socks. A package of 6 is normally $7 but  were on sale for $3.00. The picture on the left shows the two packs I bought. She showed me the left package first. They were pink, grey and white. I thought they were so cute and feminine. But I told the clerk, I needed a package with orange. She went into the back and brought out a package that included an orange pair. So I decided to buy both sets. To my delight, since I was buying a pair of shoes, I received an additional 30% of the $3 socks. So each set was $2.10. Along with my $10 flats, I paid only $14.20 plus tax which was less that the $16 I was prepared to spend on my original flats.

I was very happy, because I needed some more socks to use during my exercising. I could not find a set of 6 pair for under $6. So I was waiting for a sale and this was it. I had to buy the cute pink/grey/white set to wear around the house and use for exercising.

Before I left, I tried on a couple of white shoes to see how they look with my capris. Both pair were open toe, one was a heel and the other a wedge.

I liked the look of both shoes. However the heel felt better than the wedge. The wedge was OK, but when I walked in them, they had a strange rocking to it, like the wedge did not have a flat bottom.

I like the white capris and white open toe heel. Next summer when I am in women mode, I will create an outfit with that look.


  1. Cute flats.
    I really like the white heel. Is that the Payless Karen ornament pump. I bought that shoe in beige a few months ago and yesterday received the Karen in black along with a nude tone patent Karmen pump. I now have several color Karen pumps. I find that you can almost always find sale prices by shopping Payless on line.

    1. Yes, the beige is so cute. I tried a beige pair on a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. The Karen ornament pump has the right size heel, the toe opening is just right for me and the ornate front is very cute.