Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016 - 6 month Dr appointment today

Today, I am going for my six month check up. I am excited to talk to my Doctor about my progress. Also, I am having lunch with the young college Transwoman I met this past spring. We are going to meet around noon and spend a couple of hours before my appointment.

I use to say, I am going to spend the day out and dressed. I no longer feel that way. Now its just a different set of clothes that fit my new body. Also, I need to finish some work, so I will be working in and around town before and after my lunch and my appointment.

Next Saturday will be my 6 month measurement post and my discussion about any mental changes.

Today, I wanted to talk about one change which is that I do not have those feminizing days anymore. Those who followed during my femboy days remember how I talked about feminizing activities. These activities included body shaving, lemon peel facials and make up practice. I no longer body shave because my body remains hairless. What little I have is light and thin. My face and overall body is so smooth, I do not need a have a lemon peel facial that often. Makeup practice is something I do when I get dressed and feel like putting on lipstick and mascara. I wear very little foundation because my skin is so smooth and clean.

Electrology eliminated by heavy beard. What remains is light and can be quickly cut, if need by.

I have changed alot in 6 months. I can not wait for the next 6 months.

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