Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday December 4, 2016 - My Crazy Friday

I started Friday morning looking forward to lunch with the your college Transwoman and my Doctor's appointment. But buy 10 am my schedule was shot.

First, I was talking with the young college student thru Facebook messenger.  I sent her a message to set up a campus pickup location. She messaged me back asking to reschedule. Exam week starts Monday and she need to spend time getting a group report completed. I was disappointed but I understand. After teaching there 35-years, I has put many students under pressure during this "reading period".

Next, I got a call from the Doctor's office that the Doctor had to reschedule his appointments. So I rescheduled for December 22, 2016.


Well, I got dressed and decided to fill my time by going out to complete some real estate field research. I had a rental car for the weekend because I had to go to Orlando (where I am now). I realized that when I got the rental car, I left my car in a free four parking place 28 hours ago. I forget to get my daughter to help me get the car on Thursday.

I was frantic. I drove over the lot parking space in downtown College Park. Luckily, my car was still there. I parked the rental car and moved my car to the mass transit parking lot that has free 24 hour parking. I then walked four blocks back to the rental car.

I spent the rest of the day out working, I went to eat at Subway, I picked up a prescription refill from Sam's and I grocery shopped at Krogers. I was treated as a woman and with female pronouns all day.

If felt normal and I was not worried about the public.It was not fun and exciting, it is just normal.

I did not realize until I took my pictures, how much I have changed. Below are a couple of additional pictures. The first is a side photo that show a more female shape. I was surprised how my butt kind of sits out when compared to the other pictures.

My face looks rounder and my facial wrinkles do not look at deep. Plus my makeup application is better.

I was so busy that I forget to take pictures while I was out, except for the car.

I added a red scarf to my outfit to add a splash of color. I added red earrings a and red bracelet to play off the scarf. I did not have black tights, so I wore my grey skinny pants.

I love what is happening to me.


  1. Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile. You look fantastic my friend :))

  2. Welcome back and thanks for the compliment.