Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday December 14, 2016 - Sad

Being from Atlanta and being a member a of Tri-Ess in the early 1990's, I felt a closeness to the Southern Comfort. I never attended. But I did visit once to take my electrologist (e3000) out to lunch.

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  1. My first Southern Comfort was 1997, I was a staff member and founder of the Big Brother/Sister program for SCC 1998-2002. I attended again this year and I'm glad now that I did. I got to see friends I had not seen since 2000. Friends who were young, shy and just beginning transition then who are now beautiful, confident women. This year's conference chairperson, and Board member, has been a friend since 1998 and I helped her in a small way when she had GRS in the spring of 1998. She's the one who insisted I attend SC this year and now I understand why. While the Board of Directors can't talk about it, others have researched it and came up with this. Simply do a search for Ousterhout v. Zukowski and you'll find what you need to know.