Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday December 31, 2016 - #1 of Top 5 viewed Posts of 2016.

The top post of 2016 is the post showing of my breast development during an early 5 week period  of HRT. I have since learned that both physical and mental development comes in spurts.

In this blog, I try to walk a fine line between honestly talking about what is happening to me and voyeurism. I place my more intimate pictures are on a reddit site.

More of this blog's traffic finds its way to the posts that come closest to crossing that line.  I could probably increase traffic by increasing more posts and pictures of my physical changes. But that is not what I want this blog to cover.

There are enough blogs out their that cover the more adult themes. I would like my blog to cover other items.

BTW, I have reached that 36B bra size.

I took a picture in my pink bra to show that it was the same style as the new turquoise bra I purchased. I noticed yesterday how my breasts have changes since the last time I took a picture in my pink bra.

The picture on the left was taken on August 16, 2016. The picture on the right was take on September 23, 2016. I could not help but notice that in just 37 days, there was that much growth. I knew it indirectly because I have been having trouble with brushing up against door frames. Also, at night when I roll over onto my stomach, I feel them  and it hurts. Finally as I stated in an earlier post, some of my male shirts could not hid them. Also, the way I hug people had to change because of the pressure it puts my breasts.

At this rate, I maybe in a 36B before the end of the year.

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  1. Susan -

    It may be time to take daily photos of yourself (not always for public consumption), so that you can compare before and after images at any point on your journey. You'll want to see how you have changed, noticing the little things the minute they occur.