Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday December 28, 2016 - #4 of Top 5 viewed Posts of 2016.

I can not believe 2016 is almost over. I am going to post the Top 5 Posts of 2016, based on the number of views, over the next 5 days, leading up to New Years Eve.

As I review my posts over the past year, I noticed that I have changed. I will discuss that on my January 1, 2017 post. Below is #4:

One of the popular posts are the infographic posts in which fashion is shown on one condensed and graphic based page. There was a lot of interest in this necklace graphic. I liked it because I t ry to buy necklaces of different lengths that will match my top's neckline.

One of the issues I am constantly working on his jewelry. My daughter says more is less.

I am always trying t figure out the best necklace to wear. Below is a nice inforgraphic about necklaces and your neckline.

This inforgraphic helped me with my square neckline sweater. I did not know what type of necklace to wear.

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