Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wednesday December 21, 2016 - Settling into HRT

I have my rescheduled Doctor's appointment tomorrow. I now set a daily reminder on my Google calendar to make sure I take my meds on time. It use to be the highlight of my day. Now I might get too busy and forget.

Mentally, I am so calm and loving it. I am thinking clearer and more relaxed. With no more dysphoria, I dress how ever I feel for the day. Boy mode or girl mode. In boy mode I get compliments about how young I look. In girl mode, I am treated as the normal girl, I present.

I am listening to more music and less sports and talk shows. Yesterday, I was listening to a new Youtube playlist I created and I kept crying at certain songs that reminded me of past events.

My body is still changing but its slow which is Ok with me. I really like how I look. I see female in the mirror and my figure is slowly coming together.

I can not wait to tell the Doctor how I am doing and thank him. My appointment is in the afternoon, so I am going to work in my home office first. I might go catch a movie afterwards.

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