Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday February 4, 2015 - Electrologist session.

Every Tuesday, I have a standing hour electrologist session, I go as a Femboy. Of course the owner does not mind because she has other transgender patients.

I have already had 110+ hours of work with E3000 in Dallas, Texas. Now its time to finish up locally.

I missed last week because I was in Orlando for my mother's 85th birthday. So today, it took two hours to completely clear my face. When I first started at e3000 in January 2013, it took 14 hours to clear my face.

There is no way I could have completed those long early sessions without lanocain. The good part about e3000, is that they inject lidocaine in your face before they start. Once injected, you can go to sleep because you do not feel anything. I miss those days.

Now even for an hour (in this case 2 hours), it hurts. Especially around the mouth and the mustache. It feels like a bee sting and brings tears to my eyes. But, each zap brings me closer to the end.

When she finished, I used a tissue to wipe away the tears. It cause my mascara to run and I forgot to put some in my purse. So once I cleaned my face, I could not reapply my mascara.

From now on, I will carry a tube of mascara.

I am using the bathroom at the electrologist. I did not wear a necklace because I had my pea coat on. However, during the session, I took my coat and scarf off. I felt incomplete without a necklace.

I figured because I was wearing a coat, I do not need a necklace.

Next time, I must remember to wear a necklace even when I wear a coat, because when I am inside, I may take my coat.

I like that red sweater. It fits well and looks good under that pea coat.

I wanted to get a pedicure, but it was cold and I had tights on. So I will wait for a warmer day.

For the next two days, I will continue blogging about Tuesday's Femboy day. Including my visit to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the US.

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