Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday May 5, 2016 - Feeling Better

Almost two weeks ago, I got poison ivy. When I was young, I use to get it all the time. But since being in Atlanta (1974), I can not remember getting it.

Well it really messed me up as it spread across my hand, face, chest and legs. So I went to the CVS minute clinic and received six days of oral steroids. The medicine worked and cleared me up and I feel better. This is just in time as I have one of my last electrology sessions tomorrow. During my last session, the rash affected the area cleared by my technician.

Over this period, I stopped my daily feminine routine of body maintenance and weekly care. I can see the difference. My face and overall body has drier skin, more hair and just feels different. I am surprised at how the look and feel of my body has slowly changed because of these feminine routines.

Today, I am going to take some fem time and shave, moisturize and get back in the gym. I have not worked out since last Friday. I only hit the gym twice in the past two weeks.

I only have about 30 days before I start HRT, so I need to get going and try and drop a few pounds and stay feminine.

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