Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday June 1, 2015 - Monthly Weigh In

May 2015 is over. Time moves so fast. So its time to summarize my weight control for the past month.

My last weight-in, for May was yesterday morning May 31, 2015. My weight was 171.6 lbs. This 0.8 pounds heavier than the end of April 2015.

My goal in January 2015 was to try to lose about 0.50 pound per month for a total of 6 pounds in 2015. That changed in May as I realized with my daughter, her husband and two kids in the house until May 2016, just maintaining will have to be the goal.

It's the same problem as last month, too much junk food in the house. I do not have much self-control when it comes to junk food (chips, cookies and candy). So,  I do not keep it in the house. But my daughter keeps some for her family and I nibble.

Counting June 1, 2015,  I currently weight 171.0.  I started on January 1, 2015 at 170.2 lbs. So I have gained 0.8 lbs in five months. Based on my goal of losing a 0.5 lbs per month, I should have lost 2.5 lbs or I should weight 167.7 lbs. I am 3.7 pounds off my original goal. However, based on my new goal, I am only 0.8 lbs which is not bad.

Plus, with the Memorial Day weekend and the cookouts, I did a good job of keeping that weight off.

I did exercise much more during May. I worked out 17 times during the 31 days of May. I averaged 80 cardio minutes during each exercise session which included 15 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of cool down. I like exercising even more that before because of my feminine outfits.

During the month of  May, my weight fluctuated between 169.2 lbs and 174 lbs. I wanted reach the 160 lbs to 165 lbs range. However, I do not think that is possible given the family situation. But, given the number of workout days and using my calorie app, I am surprised I did not get down into the 167 pound range.

I am exercising late at night. After I exercise, I drink some water and I usually eat most of the calories back so my body can burn calories while I am sleeping. During June, I am going to drink more water and eat less after my workouts.


Hi 174.0 lbs
Low 169.2 lbs
Start 170.8 lbs
End 171.6 lbs
Change 0.8 lbs
Workout Days 17

June 2015 goal: 170.0 lbs

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