Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday October 17, 2015 - Lipstick Play

This morning, I decided to take sometime to play around with my lipstick colors. I found 5 lipsticks that I have had for years. They are basically red and its the brightness of the red that makes the difference.

Now that I wear lipstick even in Femboy mode, I wanted to see which colors I want to keep and then go out a buy a few replacement colors.

Here are the five colors, I am going to try on.

I am going to start from the left. The first on the left is the brightest red and the last on the right is the darkest red.

I have three lip liners that I will use to coat my lips before I add the lipstick. I learned from my Avon rep back in the 1990's that using lip liner to not only define my lip line but also by covering your lips with the liner, it keeps the lipstick on longer.

I will also add clear lip gloss after I finish applying my lipstick.

Here I am without any lipstick. I am just getting started to play...Yeah!!

Also, I have zero makeup on. Nothing on my cheeks, eyes or eyebrows. Yet sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see a girl coming out. I think the beard clearing and skin routine is paying off. I can not forget the exercising and better eating.

Anyway, below is a picture of me with just the lip liner covering my lips.

This is a picture with the brightest red lipstick. My camera is not that great but I do not like the color. It was too bright red. This picture does not show that but its an older looking red color.
 This is a closer picture of the second lip color. Its still too red for me.
This is the third color and I added the clear lip gloss. You can see that the gloss adds a nice shine to my lips. The color is a little more muted.
This color is a little less red than the one above. I like this color. It's a little more muted and I think it blends in better.
This is the darker color that is less red. I like it. However, I do not know which one I like the most between this color and the color above. The one above is a little more red.

I am going to keep these last two and look around to add a color or two around these two colors.

The first three were too red and I will get rid of them.

I definitely like the clear lip gloss because it added a nice shine to my lips.

I was looking at my close up pictures and having my eyebrows arched with electrology was worth it. I like the arch with this hair. I love the look of one arched eyebrow peeking through my bangs. I think its cute and sexy.

Once I am on HRT for 6 to 12 months, I can not wait for my eyes to start glowing. I noticed from the timeline pictures on reddit, after 6 to 12 months, the Transwomen's eyes appear brighter and larger. The eyes begin to stand out. That it what I am waiting for. It along with the change in facial fat distribution, will make a big difference.

I am going to compare these pictures with the ones late next year, to see if there is a difference in the eyes.

Later, I am going to play around with my eye makeup. I will post the results.

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