Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday October 28, 2015 - Today I am taking some fem-time

I have been very busy these past 10 days, working on various projects. I have neglected my fem-self. I even had to change by bi-weekly electrology session until this Friday (Darn!).  Today is going to be another busy day from me.

I feel the dysphoria, so I am going to take some fem-time this afternoon.
1) nice long bubble bath
2) watch a few makeup Youtube videos while bathing
3) body shave toward end of the bath
4) lemon facial
5) manicure
6) change my closet wardrobe from summer to winter clothes
7) I need a pedicure but will wait until Friday

Thursday, I am going to take some fem-time practicing makeup.

Friday, I will have my eletrology session and pedicure. Plus, I will then run errands all day in Femboy mode. The weather will be cool and damp, so I am going to wear one of my pretty coats and probably a scarf.

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