Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday October 2, 2015 - My dream last night

I had a wonderful and interesting dream last night. in my dream, I was in the kitchen making dinner and my children and husband were at the dinner table. We were laughing and joking about about the events of the day. I brought dinner to the table and we ate and had a good time.

There was so much joy and love in my heart toward my children and husband. I felt so comfortable and at home.

I woke up and felt so depressed as I could not go back into that dream. I have had different dreams over the years in which it has seemed so real and you want to go back but can not.

As I write post, I want to go back so bad. It reminds me of that Christopher Reeve's 1980 movie Somewhere in Time  with Jane Seymour. Movie Web Site 

I believe in both reincarnation and multiple timelines. Its based on my believe that we are an energy force housed in a body that connects us to this reality. This reality is based on our personal  daily decisions. Once our body gives out, our energy return to its place of origin to be placed in another body to experience a new reality.

Here is a short video of an actual story that supports reincarnation.

How does this impact my transgenderism? I am not sure.

Did I have a previous life as a women and its mixed with this life? Was my energy force suppose to be a woman this time but I was given a male body?

And what about this dream? That dream was so real. Was it from a past life or an alternate reality?

I hope to find out at the end of this life.

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