Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday October 1, 2015 - Exercing helps with my Gender Dysphoria

I worked out both Tuesday and Wednesday night of this week. I realized that exercising not only helps keep the weight off and improved my physical health, but it also improves my mental health.

After Tuesday's Femboy day out. I was feeling down Tuesday night. So I went to the gym to complete  80 minutes of cardio. Wednesday was another down day and I repeated the workout. After each work out, I felt better.

I think from a mental health view point, working out lets me know I am keeping the weight off and trying to keep a more slim and feminine appearance. Also, I wear leggings and tight female t-shirts that show off my figure. I am now very comfortable wearing these obvious female workout clothes and sneakers with matching ankle socks.

I wore a black outfit last night with a blue T-shirt underneath. I added blue shoe string and ankle socks.

I have not gotten any negative responses or stares concerning my outfits. I have been wearing them for months. I now enjoy wearing them and walk thru out the gym. It no long bothers me who is on which machine or if they see me.

I am proud of my figure and its part of me. It shows the hard work I do, to stay in shape.

However, I think about this time next year when I will have been on HRT  for 4 months and my chest grows. Currently, I do not wear my daily racing bra while working out, so I show a little. But the two layers of tight T-shirts help. The racing bra would show thru my shirts, especially once I start sweating.

But after 120 days of female hormones,  I may not be able to get away with no bra. I am not sure how I will hand it. I may have to try oversize T-shirts and racing bras.

But I will worry about that, next year.

A new routine I just started is two layout my next two workout outfits. It helps motive me to go exercise because I can not wait to wear them. It takes time to get a nice matching outfit.

This outfit is for tonight. It is orange based with yellow and green

This outfit is for Saturday, while I watch some college football. It's my pink set with a baby blue under shirt. The undershirt covers the baby blue lettering on the pink shirt. You can see the color used on the main t-shirt letters on the sleeves. There are two colored strips on the sleeve.


  1. Is it just my imagination that at the moment femboy (to a degree) is fine but feminine is a bit too far? For instance, your gym apparel is decidedly not alpha male, but you are reluctant to wear the sports bra. Why? What makes that a bridge too far? Please be assure there isn't any criticism involved in my comment, just a desire to understand.

  2. That is a good point. You have made me think about why not wear my sports bra. I was not wearing one because it will show thru after my shirts become wet from sweating. Given my appearance and natural breast tissue, a bra is probably more appropriate. I notice sometimes my nipples show through. A lightly thin padded sports bra would stop that. Its not about me hiding who I am, anymore, Its about appropriate dressing. I am going to wear one this weekend. Thank you for your comment.

  3. I'm certainly not trying to influence you in any way. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around the parameters. You seem to be so open about who you are in some circumstances and decidedly more circumspect in others. I would have thought the gym would be a relatively trans-friendly place, but every situation is different.

    I often wear my sports bra since it is one of those items I can wear "under the radar." Admittedly I have little breast flesh so it doesn't make its presence known unless I am wearing something form-fitting which I don't do when wearing the sports bra.

    From this you can tell where I am on the journey. While you are climbing the ladder rung by rung, I am still trying to find the ladder. For me the first rung has Mt. Everest proportions.

  4. No influence here. I enjoy your comments. You are correct, I am climbing rung by rung. Sometimes its tough but its getting easier with each rung. Comments like yours really help because it allows me to see it from a different view. Eventhough I am getting out more, that old mind set with its negative thoughts, still creep in. I wrote a post about this:

    One day you will find that ladder and realize that finding it was the toughest part.