Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday October 20, 2015 - Dress up day

Yesterday, after playing around with my makeup, I decided to try on an outfit.

I put on a nice grey and light blue blouse with a grey pair of skinny jeans. I added a pair of brown and grey wedges. For jewelry, I added a blue heart pendant, a silver ankle bracket, my large silver bracelet, two shell bracelets (blue/silver and white) and blue hoop earrings.

I like the look for warmer weather. But its cooling off in Atlanta. So I need to bring my winter clothes out and put away my summer clothes.

Below are some other pictures I took that show my outfit from different angles.

When looking at these picture, I see flaws. It makes me think of articles I have read in which many women constantly highlight their flaws.

Today, I want to concentrate on the good. Here is what I like about me:

  1. My hair, I love the color and style
  2. My size, I work hard trying to control my eating and stay in the gym
  3. My gynecomastia, I was embarrassed about it growing up and now I love it
  4. My face, eliminating my facial hair and my skin routine had made my skin look good
  5. My legs, I keep them shaved and they are shapely

I am not trying to brag, I just think we should not always look at the bad things. We need to recognize the good and move forward from there so we can improve.. 

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