Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday October 6, 2015 - Winter is coming

Its getting cooler in Atlanta. With all of the rain from the current offshore hurricane, it makes me think about my winter outfits.

I find it funny that I will wear my male clothes year after year. I still have many shirts that are too big for me pre-2011, when I was 60+ lbs heavier. I still wear them once in a while.

But my female clothes. I look forward to updating them every season. I expect to completely change my female season wardrobe every two years buy changing and adding to the wardrobe every season.

I love to find pretty sweater and skinny jeans to go with my flats. I do have a couple of boots this year. I bought a pair late last winter and my daughter bought me a pair for my birthday.

This winter season, I am going to add a sweater dress with a pair of skinny jeans.

Below is my Pinterest board containing winter clothes, I like and do not like.

Follow Susan King's board Winter outfit on Pinterest.


  1. Hi -

    I've learned that chasing the latest style is foolish. Instead, I try to find timeless outfits, and wear them from season to season. Much of the time, I am successful. And some of the time, I fail. Either way, I'm learning how to build and maintain a feminine wardrobe with minimal expense.


  2. I agree. Many time when I see more mature women chasing the latest style, I do not like it. I like a more classic look with some modern (updated) items. This freshens the look.I would like to learn how to use jewelry to help accomplish that.