Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday October 31, 2015 - Friday was electrology session and pedicure

Yesterday was a Femboy day. I had not been out in awhile because of traveling and days of business negotiations. As a matter of fact, I had to change my Tuesday's electrology appointment until Friday.

It was a little cool outside, So I wore my green knit sweater hoodie. This sweater has a deep V-neck collar. So I wore my orange lace spaghetti strap top. I loved the color contrast with the green sweater and the orange feminine lace top. I added my diamond heart necklace along with a large silver bracelet on one hand and a brown and gold bracelet on the other hand.

I wore my dark brown leggings along with my favorite fall color flats.

I got to the electrology clinic just in time. Today was the first time, my two weeks of growth was cleared in less than 1 hour.

The technician and I had a good talk. I finally felt like discussing my trans history with her. We are about the same age and remember growing up in the late 60's. Back then, we did not know what to call it, but some people were different. She talked about a cousin who she knew was different and unlike the other boys, but he has never come out as guy, but his work and social life indicate he is.

We talked about when I knew (about 8 years old) and how my parents dealt with it. This discussion made the session zoom by.

Afterward, I added my makeup and headed out the door. I do not wear makeup before my session because of the work around my mouth, which smears my lipstick and the tears from work under my nose, makes my mascara run.

So after I pay, I use the restroom to apply my makeup.

I apply:
  1. Lipstick
  2. blush
  3. eyeliner and mascara
  4. eyeshadow
  5. eyebrow pencil
I am getting better and faster with my application. I still need to work on my eye shadow application with better quality makeup.
Once, I finish my hair removal, I am going to start adding light foundation with highlighting and contouring. One of the main reasons I went through years of electrology was to be able to wear makeup without beard cover and that heavy makeup look. At almost 60, my makeup needs to be light.

Afterward, I needed a pedicure really bad. I went to my usual nail shop. My regular tech was on vacation, so I asked the owner, who always greets me warmly, to pick another tech for me.  She chose an older lady who did a great job. She was a little slower but more precise.

I decided to go back to the french tip or white tip. I am old fashion and like that natural look. Light pastel colors are also nice, but I do not like the loud colors or multi-color look. The lady next to me had different colors on each toe and those colors was loud. That is not me.

I ran some errands the rest of the day. After my errands, I went home and changed into my gym clothes. I hit the gym for a quick 1 hour workout.

It is always a fun day when out and about.

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