Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday February 4, 2017 - Breast Timeline

A few posts ago, I stated that I was pausing my transition. I am still taking my HRT meds as given by my Doctor. But I am not planning on presenting full-time, as Susan, anytime soon. I had plan on presenting full-time in 2017.  In March I go back to my Doctor for a 90-day check up. At that point, I will discuss this pause issue with him. One reason I chose him is because he has a large transgender clientele and I am sure he has deal with this issue before.

I am very happy where I am. I love how my body and face are slowly changing.

Friday, I noticed that my 36B bra was not fitting the same, I think I have had a recent spurt. This Monday, I am going to go bra shopping for a 36C, so I can see how it fits. I bought my first 36B while still in a 36A. Once the 36A became too small, I easily was able to move up.

Below is one of my favorite 36B bras, with the front lace.

These pictures were taking in early October 2015 which 4 months on HRT. I did not fill the whole cup, I liked the color and lace and figured that I would eventually need it.

This next set of pictures is from February 2017. Its now over 7 months on HRT. I am now filling the 36B. One of my favorite 36B bras seems to be getting small.

Next Saturday will be my monthly measurement post. I wonder how it will turn out.

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  1. From Kati - I deleted this comment in error. But I have a backup copy in my email. Here it is. Sorry Kaii.
    ...........Your breast growth has been phenomenal! But won't that growth create problem for you in presenting as a male? Am I missing something? For instance, is the bra in the photo a push up bra or padded bra which creates the elusion that you may have trouble presenting in male mode. If my questions are too intimate, please don't include it on your blog page and accept my apology.