Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday February 7, 2017 - Transitioning

I must say, I felt for Atlanta Falcon fans today. I have been in Atlanta since 1974 and I have seen this story before. It is always been wait until next year.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about my transition. I have had some interesting comments about my January announcement that I am pausing my transition. I am still on HRT and will continue. My pause is the transition into presenting full time as a woman.

One reason, I am talking about this, is that I did not see this as a possible temporary or permanent outcome. I always thought that once on HRT, it was on to 24/7 living or ending HRT. A third possibility is presenting as a male but on HRT for maintenance at a healthy point in between.

I feel that I am in a good place mentally and physically. The HRT has removed that weight of dsyphoria that I have been carrying for over 50 years.

My friend, Karen and I still go to the movies and we talk about this constantly. I like the emotional feeling I get from movies like Fences and La La Land. In both movies, I now understand  it and cried during the end of La La Land and during Denzel's character discussing with his wife why he cheated.

Karen, also noticed a change as more woman were trying to "hit on me". I told her, I did not notice it, but she pointed out two cases this past Saturday while we were shopping.

One was at Golden Coral, when a waitress who was not waiting on our table came up to me and started talking about the weather, the Superbowl and a birthday party in the next room, I was being polite by keeping the conversation going.  Once she left, Karen told that the waitress had been watching me. So, Ok maybe, I just thought the waitress was being nice. If she was being "forward" then I thought that was rude given I was with a lady (Karen).

Later that day, at the beauty store, this lady passed close to me and stated the rows were very narrow. I was talking to Karen about oils to use that will soften hair. This lady keeps entering our conversation and making suggestions. Again it was kind of forward, but maybe the lady was really trying to help.  But again Karen stated that her physical closeness to me and getting in our conversation meant that she was "interested" in me.

I still do not know, but I do notice woman talking to me more with random conversations.

Karen says that over the past year we have know each other, she can see a change in confidence and appearance that woman seem to like.

Go figure!

Right now, I am going to keep enjoying life and this new reality that I am enjoying.

I have decided to wait until my March appointment to talk with my Doctor. Its only about 1 month away.

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