Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday February 13, 2017 - Close Call

Have every seen one of those Final Destination movies? Well yesterday felt like I lived thru one.

I believe that you have cycles in life with ups and downs. These cycles are driven by Karma. So I always try to put out good Karma, by helping people.

These past few months have been really good. I am enjoying life and feeling really good. Last Thursday, I was driving and listening to one of my upbeat Youtube music playlists. I started having these negative thoughts about a down cycle that may cause my death. I changed my music and though that this great up cycle was going to be followed by a really bad downturn that could lead to my death. I even started crying.

Then I figured it was just the hormones. So I changed to music and soon I was back to my old self.

Yesterday, Karen and I went to church. I did not grow up going to church. My Grandparents were very active church members, but parents did not take us often. My wife and her family were active members. So while raising my children, I went to church consistently. I stopped, once they went off to college

During this past Christmas, I went to a musical event at this church and really liked it. So, yesterday was my second Sunday in a row, going to this church. Karen went with me.

After church, we ate and I dropped her off at a nail salon. I went to Walmart to check out protein drinks. While at Walmart, I lost my cell phone. I never LOST my phone before. I may have misplaced it but never lost it. I was talking on the phone and once I finished, I went to the restroom. After that, I could not find it. I had on a jacket and the phone should have been there.

Later, using Google map's timeline feature, I found my phone at an apartment complex. I have sent text messages to it, asking for its swift return, but I fear its gone.

I was very upset. So, while driving back to get Karen, I came to a busy intersection. as I was driving thru, I noticed to my left a large RAM truck coming out of nowhere and crossing my lane of traffic, I do not know how he missed me. I swerved toward him so that the back of my car would swing away from him and he swerved right to try and get around me.

There was a turn only lane on the opposite side of the street that was in my opposite direction. There was a car waiting for me to pass. For some reason this truck went around that car and turned left to cross in front of that waiting car and into my lane of traffic. The driver did this from the middle lane and at a high rate of speed. The driver must not have seen me coming.

It happened so quick. I stopped and I was really upset. Back in my pre-HRT days, I would have been so upset that I would have turned around and followed that truck.

Instead,  once I got thru the intersection, I pulled over to the side of the road,  and thanked all my ancestors for allowing me to stay on this timeline. A few secs would have meant a serious collision. I feel as though I just cashed in a some good karma chips. I wonder if those Thursday thoughts were a premonition.

It made my lost (stolen) phone seem less important.

Today, I am going to buy a new phone. I was planning on getting a new one anyway. I now wonder how did we ever live with a cell phone?  I am discounted from instant internet access. I hate a new phone because its going to take time for me to set it up. This is also why I do not buy expensive phones.

Yesterday was a strange day.

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