Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday December 8, 2015 - Back in the gym

I ate way to much these past few weeks. I tried to control my calories, but my nervous and stressful appetite got the best of me. Luckily, during that period, I stayed on my workout regimen. I now complete 6 to 7 hours or cardio a week.

I like working out, now that my outfits are very feminine. I have become very comfortable in my outfits and love mixing and matching styles and colors.

If you are wondering, I still use the men's room. I consider myself a feminine male. I shower at home but I put my towel, car keys and feminine sweatsuit in a locker. Once I finished, I dry my face and put on my sweatsuit. Then I head home to shower.

There are a few guys I have met who talk to me about sports or politics either before or after my workout while we are in the locker room.

One guy is a Dallas Cowboy fan who calls me the marathon man because of my long 2 hours cardio workouts.

Last night, I completed a two hour workout. Its getting cold and because I am still sweating when I leave, I decided switch to a daytime schedule, because its warmer.

Also, if you notice my outfit, I have a long t-shirt underneath. I am going to try that look with a t-shirt that has a lace hemline. It will be cuter and a little more feminine.

I am going to try a exercise 7 to 8 hours the next two weeks in an attempt to burn off all that cake I ate Saturday and Sunday. Heck, Friday too. Lol.


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