Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday January 6, 2015 - Femboy day

I am working from home today. So I am wearing a femboy outfit.

I am wearing my new pair of Payless black flats with the gold zipper. My pants are black tight jeans with a black belt. I need to find more belts, because I would have liked a belt that stands out more. Maybe a belt with gold (to match the zipper on my flats) and purple (to match my top). My top is a purple turtle neck sweater.

I am so-so about the pendant on my necklace. However, I like my rings and bracelets.

This is my new pea coat, I bought from Burlington Coat Factory. I love this coat. It's double breasted and I like how this coat cuts my waist and flares out to my hips. I gives me more of an hourglass shape.

It is a wool coat and very warm. I love wearing it with a turtle neck sweater.

My necklace dips a little low, so my coat covers it. If I were going out, I would change my necklace pendant and shorten my necklace to show the pendant while  I have my coat on.

If I did not have to work, I would have gone out with this pocketbook. I like this femboy look. The purse has a gold and black shoulder strap that matches the size and color of my shoes.

This is a nice casual look. As I said earlier, I would change my pendant and necklace so that I have a pendant that stands out and can be seen with my coat on.

But since I am working from home, I will not be wearing my coat. So the necklace I am wearing will work.

Below is my look around the house today. Or should I say at the computer all day.


  1. Susan
    That is a very nice look. I think it woulld be perfect if you had to go out and do an errand or two. I have had a few days when I was working at home (about once a year) and when I do I go for the upscale secretary look with a skirt suit and pumps.

  2. Blush. Thank you. I love this look. Its just feminine enough but I can get away with a cute hat and no makeup. As a femboy, I am not trying to "pass, just showing a softer more gentle side.