Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday January 13, 2016 - Breast timeline

There are two thinks I am most happy about at the 7th month mark. One are the mental changes. I love where I am mentally. 

The second is my body. As I stated a few posts ago, I can see over time that my body is slowly becoming more hourglass shaped. Watching my food intake is working and once I get basis, the changes will probably accelerate.

Of all the face and body changes, of course the breasts growth means the most. Its amazing how important they are to me. I now see why breast implants are important to some.

I think about the importance of genetics in this. On the one hand I have to wear a wig but on the other hand I am a 36B after 7 months. Things seem to balance out.

The above picture is me in a 36A bra. The left picture is during the first month and the right picture is today. Below is another current picture in that bra.

The above set of pictures is me in a 36B bra. The left picture is from October and the right picture is current. I am fuller in the right picture.

Below is a second set from the same time difference, but from a slightly different angle. From the set below, I still have some room to grow in this 36B bra. I noticed that each bra I have, fits me a little differently depending on the style and cut.

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