Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday January 9, 2016 -Shoe Shopping with my daughter.

Saturday, I went out with my daughter looking for some brown flats. I only have two brown shoes and they need to be replaced. I need brown for the fall and winter. I have been using my black flats which limit my use of brown in my outfits.

So we went to Payless Shoes. It was fun shopping together and giving our opinions of certain shoes. Her youthful opinions do not always coincide with mine but it ws fun to see what she liked compared to me.

I was looking for some flats and tried on three pair. I only liked one pair and it was a little too pricey for me.

I like this style, but I was looking for a darker brown that could go with a variety of brown outfits. I think the animal print will not work as my #1 brown flat. It's more of a specialty pair for certain outfits. I may buy with later, if I find the right coupon.

We both agreed that the medallion was a nice touch, but the rest of the shoe was bad. It felt hard and stiff on my feet and the side holes gave it a cheesy look. I dd not like the shoe's sole, either its look or feel.

I like this show the best. Its plain with a nice brown (copper) color and it felt good on my feet. We both felt it was the best of the three. But it's price was a little too high for me. I will wait for a coupon that will allow me to buy it at a reduced price.

So I walked away without a new pair of shoes. But I had a lot of fun.


  1. I use only ballet flats or slouchy boots. I like so much the 1st pair. I don't use sneakers anymore, because I find ballet flats prettiest and comfortable. i like your taste, and I'm 36.

  2. I like the 1st pair too. I have one from Banana Republic, found in a pawn shop. I use exclusively ballet flats and slouchy flat boots, so I'm always searching for new colors but I find helpful buy sometimes pre-owned, good condition items.