Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday January 10, 2017 - Gender talk with my 6 year grandson.

School is still out in northern Georgia counties. So I am watching my Grandchildren today. I was just talking to my Grandson. He is a very smart first grader. He already knows his multiplication times table to 6 and reads very well. I think he has a photographic memory.

It was just he and I and he began to talk in very "sexist" terms. I was shocked because I had never heard him say these things before.

They included:

  1. Only boys like sports
  2. Only boys can be in my band
  3. Boys rule and girls do.

Being a pre-teen male I understand the "icky" girl attitude from the 1960's. But in 2016-2017, I find this hard to understand. He is in a new school and I am wondering if this attitude is being created in school with his new friends.

Of course I challenged him on these ideas.

  1. I showed him woman playing sports and asked him if his sister likes soccer? He said yes. Is she good?Again he replied yes.
  2. I showed him "girl" bands and mixed bands on youtube.
  3. Finally, both boys and girls rule and they do it equally.

I think I am going to make sure that when I expose him to powerful woman, I highlight their successes.

For example both of his great aunts are Doctors.

Maybe he will have to meet "Susan" sooner than I thought.

Today is my 7 month measurement day. I will do so later today and post the results. I just wanted to talk about my Grandson this morning.

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