Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday January 8, 2017 - Day with my daughter

Saturday I hung out with my daughter. She had been asking me to come up and visit. So I came up Friday night in the "snow storm"(the most in some areas, 1 inch, lol).

We spent to day together and went out shopping. It was cold and we did not stay out long. It was more talking and just bonding.

We did go to Whole Foods for dinner and I wanted to try and find some brown shoes at Payless Shoes.

I could not find any shoes I liked or they were more than I wanted to spend.

At Whole Foods, we took out salads and I had a slice of pizza to go.  The food is good but expensive. The lady next to us calls the place, Whole Check, and I see why.

I had no problems being out. My mind and behavior is now that its just another day and I am out as I am. One of my issues is that I wonder if I am being too comfortable and I am beginning to show a male walk or mannerism. Because I am not concentrating on walking and projecting femininity.

Then again, I wonder if I am showing more femininity in my male appearance? I do not know and at this point, I do not really care.

My daughter referred to me a couple of times as Dad and that did not bother me. I think I look pretty good. I no longer care how about "passing". I know I am and I feel great.

Below are a few more pictures from Saturday.

 Mt daughter is a heavy snap chat user.

The above two photos were outside Payless Shoes.

Took a selfie on my daughter's coach.

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