Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday January 19, 2016 - Is Gender Dysphoria real?

What is Gender Dysphoria?

Is it one of those "made up" politically correct words? Or is it a real set of feelings?

For me it's real and I suspect its real for you.

Since becoming a 1960's teenage, I have always had those feelings. Back then I did not know what is was, nor did society. Was I gay or a crossdresser?

Now science is working on unlocking human behavior. Below is an article on a recent study on gender dysphoria.

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  1. While I may have a few more trips around the sun than you we are basically the same generation. I do not think that the term 'gay' existed in the 1960s. The only term we knew was 'transvestite'. It was only in the later 1960s that I understand Virginia Prince came up with the term 'transgenderist'.
    I am not big on terms other than recognizing that we are all humans.