Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday January 6, 2017 - Snow is coming to Atlanta. OMG!

It always makes me laugh when snow is announced in Atlanta. Being from New Jersey, this is nothing. My first snow storm in Atlanta was in 1974, as a Freshman. They shut the town down based on the mention of snow. Morehouse College closed and then it did not snow.

We northern and midwestern students laughed for days (years).

In 1982 I was in Snowjam 82, where the town was caught not ready. I had gone to the mall about 3 miles from my house. I tried to make it home, but it was the other drivers causing a dangerous situation. I was so upset. So I was stranded because they were running into everything. I had the walk home. It was then, that I decided these fools might kill me because they are doing 80 MPH on the expressway, hit a patch of ice and then decide to hit their brakes.

I am still planning to go visit my youngest daughter in Chattanooga for the weekend. We have planned a girls weekend out. So at this point I am still headed up there and will be back Sunday.

Hopefully, I will have some interesting posts about our girls weekend out.

Below is a video about Atlanta Snowjam 1982. I can not believe that was 35 years ago. I got married 8 months later and was in only my 3rd year as a College Professor.

It now seems like just yesterday. This is why we need to find happiness now or at least get on that path to it.

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