Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday January 12, 2017 - Liver issues and HRT

I started using my current doctor 3 years ago. I chose him because he has a large transgender client base and will prescribe HRT based on informed consent.

Starting a few years early allowed me to develop a relationship and a medical base line. Once I started HRT in June 2016, I was told I needed to come in every 3 months for the first year for a checkup and blood test.

I was a little late with my first appointment, about 100 days instead of 90 days. I found out during my next visit (this past Dec '16)  that my blood test showed elevated liver enzymes. He was concerned and asked if I had hepatitis or any other liver issues. I said that I did not know of anything.

He wanted to wait until the second blood test results (Dec) before making a recommendation.

The second test results came back with my liver enzymes in the normal range.

I talked to the nurse who had talked to the Doctor. They stated that sometimes anomalies happen and that is why they like to have two test results. The next result in March '17, will help identify which liver result was the anomaly. But being that the last one is normal, they expect the same good results in the next one.

This is why it is good to try and find a Doctor with experience in this area and with a relatively large transgender client base. He does not seem to overreact and has enough experience to provide me with solid guidance.

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  1. Good news and good advice. Glad everything is ok. When I get to the point of pursuing HRT I may ask you for your doctor's name. We live close (I'm in West Cobb)