Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday January 29, 2017 - Tips for Coming Out.

Starting in 2015, I began telling family members, starting with my children that I am transgender. Below I found this reddit post of 8-tips about coming out.

I found those tips helpful based on my experience.

My overall experience had been that there is no good time  to bring it up. I just get a feeling during a conversation that its time to move the conversation toward coming out or the conversation has moved in that direction.

The reaction has been either 100%  support or support with some concerns. No one has rejected me. Of course, most of them are family members. In 2017, it will be friends and I will see if any abandon me. At this point, if they do, it will not hurt me, too bad.

My sister has the strongest negative reaction because of her rigid religious beliefs. I like she would like to perform an exorcism on me. She thinks my transgenderism is due to some kind of evil force.

At the other end, my youngest daughter has bragged to her friends and company associates about me and we have gone out as "mother" and daughter a couple of times.

Tips on coming out. from asktransgender

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