Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday November 19, 2015 - Voice

I have decided to start preparing for voice transition. After this past Saturday, I know I will be out more as Susan than a Femboy. As a Femboy, I did not worry that much about my voice because I considered myself a feminine male. But Susan is a women and needs to present a more feminine voice.

I think for me, I need to start with a personal one-on-one coach. I know there are some great video tutorials and CD lessons. But I need that personal touch where my personal questions can be answered and I can learn to hear Susan's voice.

I am going to follow the steps listed in the infographic below. First I need to develop a plan. So I am going to start by interviewing both local and national speech therapists that specialize in Transwomen voices. Once I choose a coach, I hope that person will assist me in developing my plan.

Financially, I will be finished with electrology soon. I am down to $140 per month from $280 per month in late December. So, I am going to convert that expense to voice lessons and tools.

Any suggestions on a therapist or courses, like the one by Marian of Crossing T's and Dotting I's would be appreciated.

For me, at least the first three steps will require a voice coach. I need help developing my plan and goals, establishing my baseline and learning the fundamentals.

At some future point, I will mix a voice coach with a video and/or audio course.


  1. Susan -

    Kathe Perez of Colorado does remote lessons.... Look her up - I think you'll like her. Please note that there are (maybe) 10 people in the USA who have a specialty in Transgender voice coaching. I have met one of them in NYC, I'd love to meet Kathe one day - I know she's been to Fantasia Fair once..... You might be lucky in the Atlanta area.....


  2. That you for the reference. I will contact her and setup an interview. I hope to interview at least three therapist.