Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday February 29, 2016 - Another outfit

I had to work Sunday. But I had so much fun Saturday dressing, that I decided to do it again Sunday.

I took out some time to create a new outfit with a new top I bought a few weeks ago.

The top is a black and silver animal print. I love this top because of the hemline, lace along the top collar and back, the front droopy collar and the long sleeves. The material is stretchy and it hugs my body. It shows that I have not been eating right or exercising enough because I have a little stomach. But I love the feel and look of it.

I added a pair of grey pants and I have a new pair of black and silver ballerina shoes. But these shoes hurt my feet around the top of my toes. I love that these shoes show toe cleavage but they have no padding and force my toes against the shoe rims and it hurts just below the big toe area.. I am going to have to get rid of these shoes. That is too bad, but if they hurt after walking a few feet, then I can not  wear them all day.

I added a blue pendant to my necklace along with a blue and white bracelet on one wrist and a black bracelet on the other.

This time I put on some lipstick which looks much better.

Here is a full shot of my outfit. I kept it on and completed my work for the day.

I added a shawl for a different look. I really liked this shawl. Its a gold and black knitted shawl and helped keep me warm. It has a hood which I kept laying down my back.

Here is an overall picture with my shawl over my outfit. I felt so warm and snugly. I made a nice warm cup of tea and sipped on it while working.

Here is a picture of the back of my top. You can see the lace and I like where the hemline tops at just below the hips.

Excuse the counter mess. I am trying to learn how to control my makeup explosion. Until I get a makeup vanity, this area will have to serve double duty.

It is funny that when I look at my pictures, I see so many flaws. But I know I am getting better because I see more of Susan coming out. I bet a year from now, I will see less flaws and more positive attributes.

Its all part of the journey.

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