Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday December 14, 2015 - I am an inspiration

I wanted to get a pedicure on Sunday. Its been over 30 days and my toes are starting to look bad. I guess I could do it myself, but once you get use to a pedicure at the shop, doing it yourself is not the same.

I was going to spend the day in Femboy mode. But one of my clients needed me to pick up some data that was not in a digital format. Also his wife was ill, so I picked up some items from CVS for them. I needed to go there is boy mode.That made it impractical for me switch between modes.

Plus I wanted to go to the gym by 5 pm because the gym closed at 7 pm and I needed atleast 75 minutes to workout.

So I decided to try and get my pedicure Monday or Tuesday.

I wore my new sneakers to the gym and created a black outfit with a baby blue undershirt that covered my hips and gave my outfit some color.

Saturday, I completed 180 minutes of elliptical cardio. This brought my weekly workout to 7 hours. I wanted to start the new week off right with an hour.

One of my guy friends from LA Fitness moved to Plant Fitness when I did. We both workout around the same time and yesterday was one of those days. I will call him Jim.

Once I finished my 15 minute warm up, followed my my 60 minute cardio workout, I headed to the locker room. Jim had just finished his shower and was dressing. We said hello and talked about the sorry Atlanta Falcons getting destroyed by the Panthers. While he finished dressing, I put on my sweatsuit. Remember, I shower at home, so the sweatsuit provides warmth and captures sweat.My sweatsuits are decidedly female with the short hemline on the top and the flowing pants.

As we walked out of the gym and toward or car, a lady in an SUV stopped at her door and turned to me saying that I was her inspiration. I was shocked. She said that on Saturday, her and her friend, who was in the passenger seat, were on the elliptical trying to make 60 minutes. At 45 minutes they both wanted to stop, but they looked over at me and decided to keep in going. They both made 60 minutes and there were very happy. Sunday, they were there to complete a weight workout.

I said thank you and John and I talked with both ladies for about 25 minutes in the parking lot. Both John and I talked about how we lost weight. John does an hour on the stairmaster and weights.

I told both ladies how I started at 235 lbs doing 30 minutes on a stationary bike. Now I can do 180 minutes on the elliptical. Its a matter of small steps adding up to miles.

After we said or good byes, I got into my car and cried. I could not believe that people are watching me in decidedly  female workout clothes and are inspired by me. These ladies are not alone because employees have stated how hard I workout.

But I am wearing tight female workout clothes. SO WHAT!

This weekend between the ladies at the gym, my gym friend Jim and the lady at the shoe store, I realized I am being accepted for who I am. Just like in boy mode.The clothes and the makeup do not matter.

I have realized that I have changed and I am accepting myself which is allowing me to accept others. When I was worried about going out and what people might think, I was not able to allow people to accept me.

Now that I accept myself, I am finding others accepting me.

I am ready!!

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