Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday September 21, 2016 - I like this outfit


I love this outfiit. It feels so spring time to me. The dress color and print is something I would wear when feeling happy and wanting to match a pretty day with a pretty outfit. The yellow and green on a white dress just yells spring to me. I think its because of the white background. You know how you have one of those first warm days in spring and you are happy to get outside and away from the cool weather.

The dress style has an old 1950's look. It reminds me of those days in the movie Grease. Which is before my time. Not the movie but the era.. It's from a time when woman dressed up more everyday. I could see my youthful Mom wearing this outfit.

Those shoes are great. I would not wear a cheap pair because they would kill my feet. I would have to sleep in the bathtub soaking my feet, all night. But a leather made expensive pair would wear well and fit like a glove.

What I learned from this outfit, is how a pretty tan pocketbook works well by staying understated. This allows the dress and shoes to take center stage. I probably would have used a pocketbook with colors from the dress. But understating the pocketbook works and brings out the dress.

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