Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday January 9, 2015 - Skin Care

I have developed a daily routine to keep my body as feminine as possible. I keep my weight down by controlling my daily calories and exercise. So when I do go out or I am working at home, the basic underlying feminine foundation (my skin) is nice, soft and soft ready for makeup.

Today, I want to talk about my skin care routine. Even if you do not got out in public, you can feel more feminine, if you take care of you body.

Every Morning

I take a shower with liquid soap. I do not use any one brand over another. The CVS soap is nice because it has a very nice scent. But, I do not use this on my face.

I use a non-soap face wash. It is recommended by many that you not use soap on your face because soap may dry your face out. After I wash my body, I use my hands and to use this non-soap on my face. Either the CVS or brand versions work well. They both clean my face very well.

Then I get out of the shower and dry-off, but leave my face wet.

I no longer shave. But when I did, I had a shaving routine that would start after I dried off. See that routine listed below, after my evening routine.

After I dry off, I use Witch Hazel and apply it to my face with cotton pad. At one time I used alcohol on my face but it dried my face. Witch Hazel does a good job of cleaning my face but does not dry my face out..

I like the brand pictured to the left. Its a little more expensive than the store brand. I tried the store brand, but I like this brand better. My face feels better after I use this brand

Next, I use my hand to rub liquid Vitamin E on my face and neck. I like using the Vitamin E to absorb into my skin and keep my face healthy.

Next, I use my hand to rub Vaseline on my feet (top/bottom and between toes). Vaseline does a great job of moisturizing your skin. Using it on my feet, keeps them smooth and healthy. When I got my pedicure, the technician did not find any dead or rough skin.

After I finish with my feet, I use baby oil over the rest of my body. I love the smell and feel of  baby oil. I feel so feminine and soft after I rub on the baby oil.

After the baby oil, I move to my makeup routine.

Every Evening

  1. I take an evening shower using the same liquid soap from the morning.
  2. I then use the non-soap face wash.
  3. Once I dry off, I use my hand to rub liquid Vitamin E on my face and neck

Finally, I made a concoction of Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Olive Oil. See the picture to the right. I use this mixture on my eyebrows and eyelashes. This mixture was made to help my hair grow. So I am using it to grow my eyebrows and eyelashes. I do not know how well its working because I have been using it daily only a few months. But my eyelashes and eyebrows appear longer and look great.

Shaving Routine

After I get out of the shower and dry off,. I used hydrogen peroxide to clean my face and the blade.

I warm the shaving cream and blade while I am in the shower. After using the hydrogen peroxide, I use the shaving creme and rub it on my face and leave it on about 30 seconds. Then I start shaving only in one direction.

Once I finish shaving, I use hydrogen peroxide to clean the excess cream and my face. Then I rub liquid Vitamin E over the shaved area.

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