Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday May 14, 2015 - Yesterday Femboy day

Yesterday I had my electrology session and ran a few errands.

It was a warm day in Atlanta (80+ degrees). So I wore my yellow jeggings and a yellow T-Shirt. I added a green low cut T-shirt and my new green flats. My pocketbook was a green and yellow bag and my dark green hat. My necklace had a green  necklace and my brackets and rings were based on silver green and yellow.

I enjoy putting outfits together from items I purchased from different stores and/or at different times.

This is the first Femboy outfit that was bright and stood out from the crowd. I loved the color and wanted to find a way to wear my yellow. But I must admit that I though it was might be to bright and attract attention.

But I felt bright and happy today. This outfit allowed me to slightly push the boundaries and it made me a little cautious. The boundaries are within my mind not
the public reaction. I wonder if I go out like this, what will people think. Why should I care what they think? Its really what I think they think.

Well the pants are a little short, so I added my silver ankle bracelet. It not in the first picture, but is in the second picture.

The first picture in my bedroom and the second picture was taken outside of the electrology clinic.

As I said earlier, I love this outfit because it fits my feeling today. Its warm outside and I feel pretty. All that exercising paid off. I like the top green T-Shirt and its lower hemline hugs my narrow hips and the plunging neckline shows a matching yellow T-shirt across my breast line.

I spent 75 minutes in the electrologist chair. I hurt but I just felt pretty and relaxed.

Before I got to my appointment. I stopped at the U.S. Post Office to mail a check. This Post Office does not have an outside mailbox. So I got out and walked in to the lobby. Once in the lobby, I dropped the letter in the mail slot. The Post Office was busy as the line to the counter was up to the entry door. There were people in cars and entering and exiting the building. I was a little nervous but I got out and held my head high and slowly walked in. I felt like I belonged. Most people were like me and too busy to react to me. Maybe someone sitting in one of the cars said or though something, but how do I know or care.

Instead of worrying about what others think, I need to practice walking upright and slowly with a very slight sway to my hips.

After my session, I went to try on some heels. I will discuss that adventure tomorrow. I wanted to go to Goodwill, but I was running late, So I will go today or Friday.

On the way home, I stopped at Family Dollar. I had to pick up some cereal for my grandchildren. I was going to go to the supermarket or Walmart, but it was faster to go to a new Family Dollar that opened on the way home.

I got out without hesitation and walked in. It was busy. I walked and found the cereal aisle. While I was deciding which cereal to buy, a young lady and her teenage daughter joined me to look for some cereal. I grabbed a box of frosted flakes. The lady told me that was a good choice and that she was hungry which is a bed time to buy groceries. I agreed and said I was looking for low sugar cereal but could not find any. She told me it looked like I did not have to worry about calories. I thanked her and said I must worry to stay in shape. I did find some Family Dollar brand corn flakes but decided against it. As I left with two boxes of cereal, I said goodbye to the lady next to me and she told me to have a nice day.

I walked to the front counter and there were two cashiers talking while a customer in front of me was waiting for her husband to return from the car with her ID. She needed her ID to use her pay card. While I was waiting the cashiers saw me but paid no attention as they talked about how busy the store was.

The customer in front of me did not notice me. When her husband and teenage son showed up with her ID, both of them did not turn my way. They showed her ID and talked to the cashier and then they went back to the car.

Once that customer finished, the cashier said hello to me and rang up my items. I added some toothpaste. I paid by debit card and the cashier said thank you. I returned a thank you and have a nice day. I tried to use a softer voice speaking through my head instead of my chest.

It was hot outside but this outfit kept me cool. As I walked back to the car, there were people outside and in their cars. I did not notice anyone staring at me or even caring.

I am going to wear yellow more often.

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