Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday November 1, 2015 - Exercising

I worked out both Friday night, Saturday afternoon and will workout today.

On Friday,  I tried a slightly more daring look. Now that I wear a bra during workout, I decided to highlight the bra.  I am not trying to be sexy. I wanted to add a third color as a square cut undershirt.

With these two t-shirts, I was showing too much chest. I did not want to show too much chest, so the bra acts like a third t-shirt to cover across my chest.

I wore grey leggings with a grey t-shirt. I added a red t-shirt for color both above and below the grey t-shirt.

Both t-shirts were low cut. So I added an orange bra, that you can see peeking across my chest. To highlight the bra, I added orange ankle socks and orange laces to mt sneakers.

I liked the look and headed to the gym. Once there, the red t-shirt cut across my hips to give me some cover.

I wore a black sweat suit over my outfit because it was cool outside and after exercising I need the sweat suit to keep me warm as I head home. I shower at home. Only, once did I shower at the gym, I feel safer at home and I can complete my skin maintenance routine.

On Saturday, I wore another outfit that showed my bra line as an undershirt. This blue one has a lace trim. Again the bra is used to give better chest coverage.

I had planned on completing 120 hours on the elliptical. However, I was running late and could only complete 60 minutes (plus my 20 minute warm up) before the gym closed.

I had no issues at the gym. I have been dressing like this so long that all the employees know me and some the regulars speak. There are a very few males who speak or nod their heads when we pass. With on guy, we talk  NFL Football because he is a Dallas fan. We watched the end of the Dallas game when the Falcons placed while on adjacent machines. Saturday while I was warming up on the elliptical machine, he jumped on the one next to me and asked if I was just starting. I said yes. I noticed he was already sweaty and asked him if he had finished with the elliptical. He had he did weights and calisthenics earlier. We finished our stairmaster and I headed to the elliptical while he head to the locker room.

I finished my hour and left. I wish I had more time because I now feel that 1 hour is only a warm up. I like completing two hours.

Today, I plan on working out for 3 hours on the elliptical machine. I did that one time last year while on vacation. I did not drink enough water and my feet began to cramp toward the end. So, today, I am going to bring a water bottle.

I am going to the gym at 12:30 so I can spend 20 minutes warming up on the stairmaster. Then I am going to watch a 1 pm NFL game and workout on the elliptical until the 4 pm games start. I just want to try 180 minutes again to see how my body reacts. This its a test and a milestone that keeps me from getting bored.

Wish me luck.

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