Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday September 30, 2015 - Tuesday was a great day.

Tuesday, I had my bi-weekly electrology session. It still look about an hour, but my face has less hair with each visit.

I wore a teal and blue outfit with a multi-color jacket. The jacket had both teal and blue which blended the outfit. I added a yellow pendant to highlight the yellow in the jacket.

My tech stated she like my pendant, which was a good sign that the yellow stood out a little and brought the yellow out from the jacket.

My pocketbook was green and yellow, while my hat was blue and white. The blue, green and yellow were linked by my jacket.

My leggings were teal and my shirt was blue. I added a dark gold belt to highlight my hips.

After my 1 hour session, I put on my makeup in the bathroom and then left.

I decided to go to McDonald's to eat. I do not like McDonald's, but it is cheap and quick. I was headed for the LGBT Thrift Store and need to move fast.

Normally, I would order thru the drive thru window,. However, today, I wanted to increase my interaction with the public. So I parked and headed for the front door. As I was crossing the parking lot, a McDonald's employee passed me and stopped to say how much she loved my outfit and I looked so good in it.

I smiled and said thank you very much. I loved that compliments. She seemed so sincere. I was feeling very comfortable and casual today. It was rainy and you could tell, fall was approaching.

As I walked in the restaurant, I was greeted by the manager at the counter and asked for my order. She was smiling and I returned the smile. She used female pronouns as I ordered a double hamburger, small fries and a drink.She asked if I was going to eat in or take out. After pausing a few minutes, I decided  to take it out.

I ate in the car as I drove to the thrift store. As I stated in an earlier post, this thrift store supports a LGBT Homeless Shelter.  I have donated clothes here but this time I wanted to buy some new shirts.

I also bought three t-shirts for my workout wardrobe. They were 50% off and will add color to my outfits.
Next, I went to CVS to buy some makeup. My mascara needs to be replaced and my eyebrow pencil broke. So, I went to CVS. The counter lady was working in the isle and said "Hello, sir can I help you". I said I was OK and I was going to the coupon kiosk. 
I was lucky because I received a $5 coupon for beauty products. Plus they were having a sale on L'Oreal products. So I was able to replace both of my beauty items with a $5 coupon and I received another $5 coupon after I bought them.
When I reached the checkout counter, the same sales lady did not use any pronouns when cashing me out. I used my coupon and then received another one. She said that was a good deal and I agreed. As I was saying in a previous post, I do not care about pronouns used. I am not trying to pass, I am becoming comfortable with my feminine look.
I had planned to go to the mall and visit the cosmetic counter. I forgot my old foundation. I also wanted to visit Ulta Beaty Store. However, time was passing quickly and with the rain, I had to get home to pickup the Grandkids.
So I cut the day short and headed home. Luckily I did because I ran into two traffic jams due to accidents. When it rains in Atlanta people do not slow down and accidents happen.
I had a good time and felt really comfortable today. Compared to 10 months ago, I know longer care where I go or who is there. I can tell because my Femboy look is becoming more feminine in terms of clothes and makeup.
I plan on adding foundation to my Femboy look which will include contouring and highlighting. By Spring 2016, the only difference between my Femboy look and appearing as Susan will be hair and heels.


  1. I had intended to comment earlier when you revealed the amount of money you had spend thus far on electrolysis, but for some reason that didn't happen. Of course, ridding oneself of unwanted hair is just one piece in the maze-like puzzle of transformation. It is a sobering reminder of just how expensive this quest is. As I wrote on a previous occasion, "Transition isn't for the faint of wallet."

  2. Lol, yes you are correct. The electrology bill included travel but it was still more than I was quoted. Once I started, I did not want to stop. I had to miss a few sessions because I did not have the money. I paid cash instead of using debt for long term savings.