Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday May 2, 2016 - Handbags types and styles for you

I have three handbags. They are all the same style with limited color differences. This post is about handbags and which ones work best for your body type. Below is a dictionary of bag types. 

Most of us have a rectangular or an inverted triangle body shape. Below are the bag types for these two body types.


The Features: The waist and hips are smaller than the shoulders.

Choose a handbag that will draw attention to the smallest part of your body―the lower half of your body. Which is why, similar to the apple-shaped body, clutches and short-strapped shoulder bags are a big no-no. This can be easily established with handbags with long straps. Select chunky and colored handbags that will sit on your hips or thighs. Some of the choices include long-strapped satchel bags and long-strapped shoulder bags, hand-held structured bags, cross body bags, and hobo bags. Any of these bags will help de-emphasize your upper body.

I have an inverted triangle shape and it just so happens that my handbags are long strap shoulder bags. These bags seem to work for me, especially if the bag hits my hips. I the picture on the left, I have a black shoulder bag with a long black and gold shoulder strap. I have a few old hand-held structure bags but I feel like a grandmother. So I no longer carry them.


The Features: The waist, shoulders, and hips are of the same size.

What you require is a handbag that will create the illusion of curves to your long and lean figure. Choose handbags that rest at your natural waist. Avoid cross body bags or any other bags with long straps; any bag that rests on or below your hips is not acceptable. Opt for long-strapped satchel bags, clutches that can be tucked under your arm, and hobo bags.

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