Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday May 14, 2016 - I am at Liberty University

I am here at the Liberty University graduation in Lynchburg, VA. My oldest daughter is receiving her Master's degree in counseling. I am writing this post during the ceremony.

I did not know she was in their online program until this year. Over the decades, said I would never visit Lynchburg, Va. The history of the name bothers me. Then Liberty University is here.

But I had to come to support my daughter. I thought about wearing an Obama button or a Hillary button.
But I decided its my daughter's day.

Well, the ceremony is tough to listen to.  Rev Falwell Jr. opened by saying they have 19,000 students graduating. Of those 19,000 are 1,000 students graduating from their online K-12 High School. He expects the online home school to grow because of Common Core and Transgender bathrooms. WTF!!

Not only did he talk about the bathroom issue but also Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Sean Hannity. Also, one of the Duck Dynasty stars spoke.

The crowd is decidedly diverse. Its probably because of all of the online students. Therefore the crowd did not react to much of the speech. There is some clapping but most people are like me and not reaching. 

I end this post before the ceremony is over by asking for a favor.

Please pray for me today. I need it today.

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